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Professional inspectors working with investors to navigate the rental inspection challenge

Let me guess - you weren't thrilled about Baltimore City passing the law requiring inspections of your rental property?  If this is you, well fear not, because we are here to help.  Inspections of your properties is an important part of providing a safe and healthy environment for the families you help house.  Being a landlord has it's ups and downs, but the spirit of the profession, providing homes for people in need who perhaps can't afford to, or just don't want to own their own is certainly a worthy effort.  

Unfortunately, there are some folks out there who don't take care of their property the way you do.  Let's face it, the rental inspection requirement is going to be a major hurdle for some folks who aren't taking care of the properties they own.  Long term, this law will provide safer housing, raise rental and property values as property conditions are improved across the city, and hopefully, ease your mind that you've done all you should to take care of your tenants, just as you hope they will take care of your property. 


Our goal is to provide a comprehensive inspection of the property that meets all of the requirements for your rentals.  We can't and won't turn a blind eye to safety hazards that are present, EVER!  And let's face it, you don't want us to.  However, you will find that we are easy to work with, professional in our approach to both your property and your tenants, and reasonably priced.  

But it's important to know that our value proposition is about more than just price.  Looking at the property through your eyes, we want to educate you about any potential property damage, risk, or liability that will hit the wallet much harder than the cost of this rental inspection.  Helping you stay ahead of problems is how you keep happy tenants, minimize turnover in your units, and avoid calls at 11pm on Friday night to report an issue!    

If you think our team is a good fit for your approach to your own rental portfolio, please contact us at 410-818-0088.

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